March 05, 2004

Envisioning a "pubic e-Learning system"

Next Monday we meet with a foundation about policy for creating a public e-learning system. Preparing for this meeting, I sought guidance from graphic recording templates at The Grove. Reading David Sibbet's page on the Grove site was stirring, hearing how he worked with the Corot Foundation in understanding how learning works, how ideas that are not clear focus the mind on finding a pattern, so an important approach to education is creating what Montessori called "a prepared environment."

Working with the Nueva School, I saw theme-based projects taken to a high level. That involvement in creating a evocative context is precisely what we want to capture in Learning Friends' Worlds, online simulations that invite participation and the kind of learning that helps students make connections and refine meaning.

Sibbits cites Arthur Young's 7-stage V model with 7 steps that apply to the formation of the cosmos, the formation of a business and many other world views. I spent many good days learning about this from Arthur in the 70s, along with Ken Pelletier. It's gratifying to see the ideas developed and displayed by Grove people. These stages have an analog in forming a public e-learning system--it has stages, and my personal challenge is to get beyond the start-up stage, where everything is possible and nothing much is actualized. Sibbets and Le Saget describe "archetypes of sustainability" that I'll be studying and applying.

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