December 01, 2003

KY Folks

I spoke with Joanne Lang, Executive VP of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation in Lexington, KY.The KSTC site has a good list of funding sources. We're looking for projects to do together, along with others in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky who are part of a Tri-State Commission aimed at bringing new jobs to the area--focussed on videogames and learning software.

Lexington, KY was a main location for filming the movie, Seabiscuit, a great "rags to riches" story and a movie worth seeing (out on DVD now).

Reminds me of camping near Thomas Jefferson's Monticello last month, and driving through the hills outside Warrenton, Virginia. I'm used to tiny little pastures with white fences at home in Woodside, CA. I imagine the blue grass country of KY is amazing, too. The contrast of poverty and riches, prices and values in these places is striking.

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