November 27, 2003

Bill Daul's NextNow

Bill Daul brought together friends, among them, Doug Englebartof the Bootstrap Institute , Ted Kahn of Design Worlds, Jay Cross of eLearningForum, Jim Schuyler of red 7 communications, Jeff Saperstein author of Creaing Regional Wealth to experience a "world cafe" at the San Francisco Fort Mason Center at a NextNow event. At each table, hosts placed large white paper like a tablecloth, with markers and pens in a glass. One person agreed to be leader, recording the group's experience and staying alone at the table while others moved on to other tables after about 20 minutes. This leader then reported to a new set of people what transpired, which naturally led to the new people around the table elaborating what their previous groups said about the same topic.

The opening question, what makes us feel alive, led Claudia Weiss to talk about beauty in it's many forms. Cohesiveness emerged quickly as a new question extended the theme.

The world cafe may be a method worth trying at my class at Ohio University at Athens in January, where students come from different departments and need to coalesce quickly.

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